INTERNSHIPS Opportunities 2016

ASHNA International Youth Association (AIYA)
Kabul, Afghanistan

Number: NYA-001
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
Type: Internships 2016
Host: ASHNA Interantional Youth Association (AIYA)
Reporting Line: Program/Operation Director and above
Gender: Male/Female
No # of seats: 15
Start Date: 01-Jan-2016
Expiry Date: 30-Dec-2016


The AIYA is a project of Assistance to Support Humanity and Need for Aid (ASHNA) Organization which was found it by Mohammad Sabir Ahmadzai in 2013, AIYA is an independent and democratic youth-led International youth association which is non-profit, non-governmental and non-political International Association; representing youth from across the world. It works to empower youth and promote their interests. It works for young people and exists to represent the views of youth to the governments, international communities and decision-makers at all levels in promoting and increasing participation of youth in the social and the public life, where young people develop as leaders, encouraged and supported to achieve their fullest potential as global citizens.

AIYA is having more than 45 countries partners worldwide which includes NGOs, Institutes, Universities, Companies, United Nations Agencies, International Associations and Clubs in India, Germany, Italy, France, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Netherlands, Turkey, Romania, Indonesia, Korea, Hong Kong, Montenegro, United Kingdom, Albania and etc. AIYA is active partner with the Deputy Ministry of Youth Affairs of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and it is having full access to 34 Provinces of Afghanistan, AIYA under ASHNA Organization work inside Afghanistan and the Head Quarter Office is base in Shahare Naw, Kabul, Afghanistan, The operational area cover all 34 provinces of Afghanistan, Delhi and Gujarat in India and Lagos, Nigeria, AIYA is active partner in agriculture sector and in the growth of small enterprises projects and skill development training with the National Climate Change Sustainable Development and Public Leadership (NCCSD) and NCCSD is having a sister department organization for the growth of small enterprises with the name of International School for Public Leadership (ISPL).

 Management and organizing the awards operational program.
 Project Management, Proposal, Staffing, Structuring, Planning and coordination with the local and International donors.
 Overall management of the operation in terms of development with the local media and sponsoring organization.
 Supporting marketing and strategic planning activities, designing and implementing the policies/procedures on the relevant department.
 Coordination between the DMOY, Media and ASHNAIMUN team.
 Filing, storage & retrieval of NYA activities.
 Prepares and sends business and private correspondence.
 Document preparation & control internal communications.

 Development of media partner, sponsoring partner and government for implementation of the project.
 Carries out responsibilities with professionalism, respect for others, in accordance with the organization’s policies and applicable laws.
 Transparency in selection of nominees through the elected board of operation.
 Any other duties as assigned by the Operation Director and Above.
Qualification & Experience:
• Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication/Journalism preferred.
• 1-2 years’ experience in managing the administrative tasks.
• Committed toward volunteerism activities in the organization.
• Fluency in English, Dari & Pashtu.
• Excellent management in administrative skills
• The ability to think creatively and be proactive in program management
• High level of interpersonal skills and cultural sensitivity to effectively interact with all levels of staff, members of donor organizations, founders and policy makers
• Self-motivated and well organized
• Ability to work collaboratively, supportively, and respectfully with others

1- Three recommendation letters, at least one of which is from a faculty member.
2- A one-page statement concerning the reason why you should be selected as an intern.
3- Copy of your latest transcript or Valid University ID.
4- Any other documents that you want to submit in support of your application.

Applying Procedure:
If you are interested to apply for the internships 2016, please indicate the number mentioned above along with the position such as “Internship ” submitting your updated resume to the following email address:

Note: Please download the application form following the link:

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